Boreholes: 20 Per Cent Not Functional

In 2016 the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development transferred over 100 boreholes to councils in the Littoral, 30 per cent of the boreholes were actually constructed and less than 20 per cent do function. Still many were not realized because those who follow up did not do their work. Other projects in agriculture and rehabilitation of roads to agricultural production zones also witnessed similar challenges.

The information was revealed in Douala during a regional meeting to evaluate the execution of projects, objects of competences and resources transferred by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to councils in the Littoral Region June 19. The meeting was presided over by the Inspector General at the Littoral Governor’s Office in the presence of Poline Marie Mveng, Inspector General in Charge of Rural Development. Prefects were called upon to shoulder their responsibility to promote synergy and collaboration between the prefect and the technical and decentralised services.

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