Barrister Marcelle Denise Ambomo:Trading In Known Millieu

Her name is not well known in football but in the background she has been working for a long time in football especially in matters concerning the Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT. Barrister Denise Ambomo has defended the FECAFOOT in cases in the 2000s. The attorney who has been in active service for roughly two decade has also worked in several football commissions for FECAFOOTwhich comforts one that she is not in a strange land but rather she is almost “home”. Discreet, disciplined and professional, the woman who is in her 50s would be impact decision making with regards to the amelioration of laws in the federation in charge of Cameroon’s number one sport.  The seasoned Yaounde based lawyer is the first woman to be appointed in the FECAFOOT as Normalisation Committee member. Barrister Denise Ambomo is however going to be the most experienced person to master the woes of FECAFOOT.

Jonathan MBIAOH


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