Bar Governance, State of Law: Bar Association Reforms Underway

An institutional audit of the Bar was presented on September 30, 2016 in Yaounde in a workshop chaired by the Bar Council President.


Within the framework of the Bar-Governance-State of Law Project, fruit of cooperation between Cameroon and the European Union, the Bar Association, is currently undertaking studies to reform the legal practice in the country. In this regard, a workshop to validate an institutional audit of the Bar Association carried out by a private firm, took place on September 30, 2016 in Yaounde. It was chaired by the President of the Bar Association, Barrister Ngnie Kamga, in the presence of members of the Bar Council, EU partners and representatives of the Ministry of Justice.   

After scrutinising the 68-pages audit report, members of the Bar Council made observations and further inputs to enrich the document, which was then validated. The Bar Association President expressed satisfaction with the report and the inputs made. Barrister Kamga stated that an adhoc committee put in place by the Bar Association to revise the texts of the organ will work in collaboration with the consultant to upgrade the final report presented to the Ministry of Justice for consideration. He said the present text regulating legal practice in Cameroon dates back to 1990 and with the rapid evolution of the world and international engagements Cameroon subscribed to; many sections of the text are now obsolete. The audit, he added, was therefore to take stock of the functioning of the Bar and make recommendations in view of improving its operations. “The Cameroon Bar Association is not a legislative organ. So, we will only propose to the Minister of Justice a bill on the revised text which we hope will be accepted and adopted as the new law regulating law practice in Cameroon,” he opined.

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