Banking: BICEC Picks New GM

Sylvain Faure replaces Alain Ripert who has been promoted Administrator of the bank and member of CEPAC Board of Directors.

The Banque Internationale du Cameroun pour l’Epargne et le Credit (BICEC) now has a new General Manager, Frenchman Sylvain Faure before his appointment, was President of Market Development for BPCE International et Outre-mer SA, the France-based umbrella organization to which BICEC is a subsidiary.

He replaces Alain Ripert who after BICEC’s General Assembly in Douala on March 23 was promoted Administrator and on March 30 was appointed member of CEPAC Board of Directors in France. CEPAC (Caisse Provence-Alpes-Corse) is a sister banking institution to BICEC.

The Director General of BPCE International, Jean-Pierre Levayer and the Chairman of BICEC Board of Directors, Jean Baptiste Bokam, in a press statement on April 03, congratulated the outgoing General Manager on his appointment and lauded the legacy he leaves behind in BICEC.

It is under his management that the bank won the Cameroon “Bank Of The Year Award” for service delivery to over 380, 000 customers nationwide.

Alain Ripert and his team are said to have recorded a turnover of FCFA 60 billion in 2017 and a net profit of FCFA 10 billion. It goes without saying that his successor, Sylvain Faure, a former General Manager of the Bank of New Caledonia, is expected to carry on from there.

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