Bamenda: Lawyer’s Strike Stretches Into Fourth Week

Casualties of the lawyer’s strike action are evident with Court premises functioning at half gear.


The strike action called by Common Law Lawyers on 11th October, 2016 stretched into the 4th week since October 31, 2016. This time around, the Lawyers  have stated preparedness to see the strike go  indefinite until the government dialogues with them. Meeting in Bamenda on October 28, 2016 the Constituent Association of Lawyers announced the imminent creation of a Common Law Lawyers Bar if the government continues to  ignore their request for the respect of the bi-jural system of justice in Cameroon.

That apart, they  question  why the Cameroon Bar Council should call for an end to  their strike in the face of what they claim is the government’s intransigence. It is against this background that  they decided on an imminent diplomatic offensive to explain their plight.

Meanwhile on-the-spot, the Courts of metropolitan Bamenda continue to function at half gear without Lawyers who often flood Court premises with litigants. From the look of things, the casualties are evident with Court premises boycotted by Lawyers. Revenue Collectors are virtually on holiday with little to collect for State coffers in filing fees, costs and fines.

Litigants who are often protected by Lawyers are helpless with justice delayed. Meanwhile, the sacrifice is equally evident for Lawyers who cannot have their Honoraria or professional fees without handling cases.

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