Bamenda: Innovative Security Equipment Displayed

There was colour and bravery  as the CPDM impressed  with  special  cultural attractions.

Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique arrived at 10.10 am to set the tone for the celebration of nationhood. Available to cheer the event were some elite, Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua, Auxiliary Bishop, Michael  Bibi , Special guest and musician, Talla Andre Marie, Richard Kings and a cross section of inhabitants of  metropolitan Bamenda. Fair weather was on duty and the event was beautiful for many who braved some  early morning  barricades and intimidation threats by unknown people to file out for the event.

It all started with some 31 privileged people recognized with medals. The event that celebrated merit soon gave way to a demonstration of strength by Military and Security forces. It was a rare moment to cheer an  authoritative march past by detachments of the forces. It was a day for the military corps to display newly acquired armory, artillery and manpower. Gendarmes,  Soldiers, Airforce elements, Fire Fighters, Police,  Customs and Forestry  elements were a joy to watch in their new outfits.

Away from them, students of the University of Bamenda virtually stole the show with a  huge participation at the civilian march past that also featured students of the  mostly, French Sub system of education from GBHS Bamendankwe, Nitop, Atiela, Ntamulung and Down Town as well as,  pupils of Ecole Publique Camp Militaire, Ecole Publique Des Champions and GBS Upper Bayelle. The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party emerging as the special attraction as it paraded in song, dance and peace plants taking militants of the Mezam IA, IB and IC sections  across the grand stand ahead of  the UDP party and the Union for the Wellbeing of Cameroon (UWC) party. Lieutenant Colonel Ndzana Fouda commanded the troops.

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