Bamenda: Governor Encourages Teacher Leaders

Security forces dislodge some youths preventing shops, Commercial Motorcycle riders from activities in Bamenda.


Bamenda ended Monday December 5, 2016 in calm after some clashes that pitted security forces and some unidentified youths who attempted to prevent shops and commercial motorcycle riders from regular activities. The population was gripped by fear of a strike action allegedly called by traders, taxi drivers and commercial motorcycle riders. Tracts circulated over the weekend announcing the strike in solidarity with striking lawyers and teachers.

That is perhaps, why many shops remained shot while very few taxis and commercial motorcycles circulated early in the morning. By midday, virtually all the streets were empty with only private cars and some commercial motorcycles circulating while security forces had some running battles with some youths who attempted to erect barricades on some streets.  Meanwhile, public offices were open for service with some workers trekking to and back home.

Away from that, the gates of schools remained shot on the strength of  a December 2nd, 2016 release by the All Anglophone Teacher Trade Unions who met in the neighbourhood of Presbyter church center, Ntamulung, Bamenda, their strike action continues into the third week with arguments that the new Adhoc Inter-ministerial Committee enlarged to include all Anglophone educational stakeholders to be chaired by the Director of Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Head of Government does not feature time lines of work and the lifespan of the committee.

They argue that   the creation has not secured the implementation of any of their requests tabled during their consultations of November 25th and 26th with the Prime Minister. It is against this backdrop that North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique in a release of December 5, 2016 appealed to the Teacher Trade Union leaders to have faith in the Adhoc Inter-Ministerial Order and actively participate in deliberations when it is convened.

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