Bamenda: Explosions Being Investigated

Security services are looking into two incidents that spread fear among Bamenda inhabitants last weekend.

Inhabitants of metropolitan Bamenda are scratching hair for answers about the perpetrators of some explosions in the neighbourhood of Food Market and Hospital Roundabout on the night of September 16th, 2017. In effect, Cameroon Tribune got it from security sources that social peace was threatened on September 16 when, some yet to be identified persons perpetrated two locally activated explosions without casualties.

It all started around 10 pm in the neighbourhood of the Bamenda Regional Hospital Roundabout where a suspect reportedly hired a taxi cab to ferry three loud speakers to the Bamenda Congress hall for a would-be event. The cab driver chose to drop the speakers in three rounds. The first trip took him and the suspect through a bumpy deviation from Food Market towards the Congress hall. Midway, the speaker exploded and in an attempt to know why, the driver was assaulted by the suspect who later escaped.

The driver reported to the security forces who moved to Hospital Roundabout and discovered that the second speaker had also exploded. The Security Officers then proceeded to cause the explosion of the third speaker. Further investigations on-the-spot in the Congress hall uncovered two other Speakers without explosives and investigations are still on course at press time.

The Security sources also told CT that elsewhere in Bali Subdivision, three suspects who attempted to burn the residence of the Subdivisional Officer on the night of 3-4 September, 2017 were arrested on the night of September 17-18, 2017. It emerged from the story that the suspects confessed, claiming that they were recruited by a Cameroonian in the Middle East to burn  the D.Os residence and others for a fee of FCFA 50.000.

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