Bamenda: Activities Gradually Resume

Fears of alleged strike action by transporters slowed the economy but some vendors came out.


Bamenda was slow to awake yesterday Monday, December 5, 2016. The population was gripped by the fear of weekend’s alleged strike action calling on transporters, taxi drivers and commercial motorcycle riders not to go out for work. That is perhaps, why some shops remained shot while very few taxis and commercial motorcycles circulated in town. The situation considerably slowed commercial activities all day.

Away from that, the gates of schools remained shut on the strength of  a December 2, 2016 release by All Anglophone Teacher Trade Unions who met  in the neighbourhood  of Presbyterian Church Centre, Ntamulung, Bamenda, their strike action continues into the third week. They argue that the new Adhoc Inter-ministerial Committee enlarged to include all Anglophone educational stakeholders to be chaired by the Director of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister’s Office, does not feature time lines of work and the lifespan of the committee. To them, the creation has not secured the implementation of any of their requests tabled during their consultations of November 25 and 26, 2016 with the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang.

The release further argues that the announced recruitment of some 1000 bilingual Cameroonians by the President of the Republic inspires polemics that will not help the problem of the Anglophone sub-system of education. It equally calls for the release of some students of the University of Buea detained after the rioting of last week and condemns what they describe as the colonial rule of the South West Governor and the overdue stay of the current Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea.

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