Bafoussam:Inventors Exhibit Know-how On Scientific Day

Bafoussam (Mifi )-The director of cooperation in theMinistry of Scientific Research and Innovation Mogo Amos, says his Ministry is ready to safeguardvthe intellectual property rights of all inventors in the sectors of crop and medicinal research and processing, livestock and fisheries, sustainable agriculture, environmental improvement and business,by adopting appropriate measures that will widen access to expert knowledge and guarantee funds to finance research processes. Mogo Amos was speaking inBafoussam on 28 November,2018, while representing MINRESI Minister in celebration marking the 5th edition of National Excellence day on scientific research, which was marked by an “Open Day”activities and exhibitions by inventors in research and innovations.

Addressing participants at the ceremony, the Secretary General in the West Governor’soffice Etappa François,said importing goods from industrialized countries have failed to deliver the expected advantages, adding that theonly way and benefit that remains is the liberalization of home inventors through restructuring and financial incentives.

Meanwhile, out of the 27 stands that exhibited locally transformed goods andplants,18 were specialized in healing plants. According to Dr. Mbou Benjamin of the“Centre Referential D’Application de la Botanique” in Bafoussam and producer of“GASTROMEDE SYRUP” thattreats hepatitis, stomach ulcer and other peptic complications, noted that natural plants form the basis of traditional medicine system and continue to provide mankind with new remedies to illnesses.Dr. Mbou said natural plants and their derivatives represent 80 per cent of all drugs in clinical use, so Government should promote its production, adding further that some of these plants treat symptoms associated with cardiovascular diseases,cancer and diabetes.

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