Back-to-School: Disabled Persons Receive Assistance

They were given aid by the Association for the Disabled Graduates on August 29, 2017.

Some 30 pupils and students in the Mfoundi VI Division have received back-to-school items some few days to the start of the 2017/2018 academic year. The gifts were handed to them on Tuesday August 29, 2017 by the Association of Disabled graduates from higher institutes of learning known by its French acronym AHDES. The ceremony took place at the Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation in Yaounde. This was within the goal of AHDES to promote and encourage all disabled children in their efforts to be educated. To achieve this goal, the association offered textbooks, exercise books, bags, pens, pencils and paid the school fees of some disabled children in the Mfoundi Division. This is to enable the children go through a successful school year.

Speaking during the ceremony, the representative of the Minister of Social Affairs, Nomo Tsanga Alain expressed gratitude to the members of the association for thinking of their younger ones and to empower them to study. “It is a great initiative,” Nomo Tsanga noted.

While handing over the gifts, the president of the Association for the Disabled Graduates, Theophile Kemmegne Kouam said there is need for the education of children living with disabilities to be valorized for disability is not inability. He added that handing the gifts is another way to encourage the parents on the importance of sending their handicap children to school.” “I believe handicap persons can contribute to the development of this country Cameroon. Reason why we are encouraging them to go to school and study hard for them to be better persons in the society tomorrow,” Kouam noted. “Disability is not inability by virtue of skills, talents and attitudes as such cannot prevent us from doing decent work but we can effectively play leadership roles in the society” said Moffov Christine one of the members.


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