Audience At Unity Palace: Security, Humanitarian Actions Uniting Factors

Cooperation ties between Cameroon and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are growing from strengthen to strengthen. Security, humanitarian actions and the economy once more came to the limelight during discussions between President Paul Biya and the British High Commissioner to Cameroon, Rowan James Laxton during a Unity Palace audience in Yaounde on April 24, 2019. Britain enters the history book of records as one of Cameroon’s friends that is committed to ensure that security reigns in the country.

In recent years and as the wave of terrorism has kept on rising in the world, British experts trained Cameroonian military on counterterrorism mechanisms and also supported Cameroon’s defence forces that are part of the Multinational Joint Task Force fighting Boko Haram in the Lake Chad Basin zone.

The Minister of External Re lations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella acknowledged and lauded Britain’s support to Cameroon in the toast during a State dinner offered the then outgone British High Commissioner to Cameroon, Brian Olley on October 12, 2017. In the humanitarian sphere, Britain is also noted to have given assistance to Cameroon to manage the influx of refugees from neighbouring Nigeria and the Central African Republic.

Other areas of fruitful cooperation between Cameroon and Britain include the promotion of democracy, good governance, rule of law and wildlife protection. Education equally occupies an enviable position, considering that English Language is one of the official languages in Cameroon.

Britain’s educational assistance to Cameroon has been growing by lips and bounds in the domain of scholarships. Worthy of note are the Cameroon Women Scholarship and Chevening Scholarship.

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