Artificial Flower Business Flourishes

Though not in its peak periods the sale of these items still remains a booming commercial activity in Yaounde


The heart of flower festives situated in central town at Abbia is one of the striking figures that attract passers-by on this highway. A stroll around this boutique offers an eyecatching point. The power of decor remains a great tool that convinces potential buyers. For those intending to buy these flowers, they are convinced that they are used to bring joy to someone during festive periods and during parties. Most of the potential buyers are those involved in decoration works, those intending to defend or graduate from schools and those about to receive medals.

These different flowers vary in colour and sizes and the most beautiful ones attract customers. Hence, the workers are obliged to redouble their efforts in order to attract more customers since competition is rude here and everybody wants to earn more. Visibly, supply is far higher than demand, making it difficult for this flower vendor to meet up with their financial targets. Eyenga Brigitte, vendor of artificial flowers says “we experience high sales during festive a period that is the months of October, December and February. Though there is not much affluence we still have something to put in our pockets.” The prices for these gorgeously flamboyant flowers vary according to sizes and the quality of the flowers. The cheapest flower here is sold at FCFA 15,000. Adrian Suepang has been in this business for two years and says it is a very flourishing one. His customers do invite him out of the town for the fabrication of flowers for ceremonies.

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