Anti-corruption fight: FCFA 52.191 Billion Recovered

The National Anti-corruption Commission (NACC) in Cameroon’s 2017 Anti-corruption Status Report presented on December 28, 2018, states that “Efforts are being made, actions are commendable, the political will is real and the majority of Cameroonians are becoming increasingly involved in the fight against corruption.” Speaking as he chaired the report presentation ceremony, the Chairman of NACC, Rev. Dr Dieudonné Massi Gams disclosed that the institution’s survey whose results are published in the report indicated a progress in the fight against corruption from 2011 to 2017.

The methodology consisted in a general evaluation of the last five years of implementation of the National Anti-corruption Strategy, validated and adopted by the government and its technical and financial partners from 2012 to 2017. NACC’s eighth report on the anticorruption drive in Came roon, brings out efforts made especially by the State and non-State institutions to prevent and punish various abuses on public funds in order to ensure that public service is free of charge for citizens, where it should be. The report noted the commitment of the majority of Cameroonians to fight against corruption in 2017 with proof being that the number of reports on corruption facts, acts and practices made to the Commission totalled 3,982 from all the regions of the country and abroad. Concerning the financial gains of the anti-corruption drive in 2017, the report notes that five investigations carried out in 2017 made the State to recover FCFA 52, 191, 459, 127.

The investigations were carried out in Banque International du Cameroun pour l’Epargne et le Credit (BICEC), compensation of victims of construction works on the west access road into the city of Douala. There was also the mission to verify customs and tax frauds, illegal transfers of capital, corrupt practices and mismanagement of State funds in Company C, tip-off on allegations of embezzlement of PTA funds by the Principal of Government Bilingual High Bali in the North West Region and finally the collection of double salary by a secondary school civil servant.

The report further states that through 21 Rapid Intervention Actions carried out by NACC, cases of swindling and flagrant corruption were treated following tip-offs from different services and sectors that included health, education, trade, regional and local authorities. The commission reported the matters to relevant services for appropriate measures and actions. NACC forwarded 15 cases of flagrant corruption to court. Financial sanctions following cases forwarded to relevant courts amounted to FCFA 1,750,000, while FCFA 51, 864, 644, 031 is yet to be recovered. Emmanuel KENDEMEH

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