Another Diplomatic Red Feather


The 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, CPA, meeting in Cameroon from 2-10 October, 2014 ended in a sterling success with over 600 delegates from all nine regions of the Commonwealth returning home fully satisfied. The event also ended with Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, MP and Speaker of Bangladesh Parliament elected CPA Chairperson of CPA Executive Committee for the next three years.

Little did anyone foresee that the Deputy Speaker of the Cameroon’s Parliament and organising coordinator of the 60th CPC gathering, Hon Monjowa Lifaka Emilia was actually warming up for greater things ahead. Hon. Monjowa has finally made it this year by acceding to the prestigious post of Chair of the CPA last 7 November, 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh during the 63rd General Assembly of the association.

The crushing victory she recorded by obtaining 1 votes as against 70 for her rivals the Rt. Hon Niki Rattlen, Speaker of the Cooks Island and 15 votes for the Rt. Hon. Shirley Osborne Speaker of Montserrat could easily be linked to several factors.

Firstly, President Paul Biya opened up the floodgates for a bright parliamentary prospects not only by receiving the Commonwealth delegates in Yaounde three years ago, but equally enabled another illustrious son of Cameroon, Martin Chungong to occupy the post of Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

As Vice Patron of the 60th CPA, the Head of State chaired the opening ceremony and expressed the joy of Cameroon to host the cream of parliaments and urged them to work for the good of the people.

Secondly, if Honourable Monjowa, herself talks of the support of President Biya that has enabled her to accede to her new office within the CPA, it is certainly due to the efficient diplomatic prowess that he has engaged in over the years not only to get sons and daughters of Cameroon ensure a breakthrough in international forums, but also his determination to place Cameroon at a central position in such institutions like the Commonwealth, the International Organisation of the Francophonie, the International Islamic Organisation and so on. Joining such associations and getting Cameroon effectively present at a high-level each time they hold international conferences has given much respect and honour to the country and its candidates at key posts of responsibility.

Most Cameroonians must have of late recognised the attractiveness and might of the Pan-African Parliament under the leadership of Hon. Nkodo Dang.

Such a bright face presented by Cameroonians at the international level quickly point to the third reason for the continuous strides the country’s candidates keep cutting across. Mature and level-headed people groomed within institutional values in the country have often had to take such experiences to impact their colleagues abroad.

The list of those who are currently into international organisations like Hon Monjowa Lifaka has just done may be too long to cite here, but each person who has done so before or is currently exercising an international duty is excelling. Such a performance not only reflects the methodical process that Cameroon has to place the right person at the right place, it equally indicates a winning strategy that the Head of the country’s diplomacy has in place.

The new CPA chairperson will in that same line of gluing achievements by Cameroonians at such high positions concive strategies to drive home that winning image of citizens of Cameroon at such institutions.

Hon Monjowa already displayed that spirit of victory and coherence when she coordinated the CPA event in Cameroon in 2014. Moving on to occupy the chair of the CPA three years after is a sign of confidence and admiration that others have for Cameroon, its citizens and leadership.

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