Anglophone Crisis: PM Takes Reconciliation Message To Menchum, Boyo

Parents and teachers urged not to compromise education mission.

“Children out of school in the North West and South West Regions is bad for the future and bad for civilization.” That is the message which Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang  took to stakeholders of  the English sub system of education in Menchum and Boyo Divisions on March 7, 2017.

 In the backdrop of teacher trade union and lawyers strike action that have paralysed academic activities since November 21, 2016, the Prime Minister appealed for reason, stressing the need to spare children, innocent parents  and business people from political battles. He urged teachers and parents not to compromise their mission to educate children. He advised against spreading fear which cannot build a nation and discouraged ghost town which has emerged  as an economic disaster for all.

In times like these, the Prime Minister said, constructive dialogue is the way forward and not  verbal excesses, street violence and defiance against the government. He was in the Divisions  with peace and reconciliation messages in the conviction that there is time  for anger, time for forgiveness and time to move forward.

The Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on education concerns raised by teachers’ trade unions, Professor Ghogomu Paul   also educated  stakeholders on the gains on dialogue with the trade unions. The Prime Minister also stressed that only those guilty would be punished for crimes committed during the period of the strike action. This was in reaction to issues of arbitrary arrest raised by some stakeholders who also raised concerns about corruption into professional schools, internet blackout and the ugly state of roads. In all, Prime Minister Yang said certain actions have been put in place to ensure the protection of people and property. He acknowledged developmental problems haunting the Divisions and said action is on course to handle problems in future without noise.

Away from that, the Prime Minister said the nation’s constitution does not need to be modified to deal with development issues issues and prescribed patience  and hope because the process of the implementation of the constitution is on course.  Mr Yang stressed that it is not time to pose new conditions before having children back to school as Cameroon is not  a perfect society and children must not be sacrificed because somebody made a mistake.

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