Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine Face Growing Challenges

Experts from French-speaking countries are meeting in Yaounde to share experiences.


Experts from the Sub-regional Organisation of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Practitioners from French-speaking Countries in Africa, SARANF, have converged on Yaounde for the 32nd congress that also doubles as the first for the Cameroon Association of Anaesthetists and Intensive Care Practitioners, SCARMU. Focus is on overcoming growing challenges, experts from the over 20 member countries who started meeting on November 28, 2016, say.

The inaugural lesson by Prof. Eben Musi revealed that the sector was facing new risks from pesticides and fertilizers. He cited sexual, bioterrorism and faecal sources as some of the public health problems affecting the administration of anaesthesia and provision of intensive care to patients. Risk assessment and management, he argued, were indispensable for self-evaluation. He also said human error like the non-mastery of surgical techniques, insufficient know-how, lack of experience and poor post-surgical follow-up, are to blame for the sector’s failing. The lack of equipment, inadequate material, consumables and personnel are some of the setbacks faced by practitioners.

The Yaounde congress is also focusing on paediatric anaesthesia and anaesthesia on specific cases, especially for obese, hypertensive, elderly and disaster victims. Pain management and metabolic disorders in an intensive care unit are some of the issues experts are sharing experiences on. The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Health, Alim Hayatou, cautioned participants to seize every training opportunity to upgrade skills on growing challenges.

The Chairperson of SANAF, Romain Rodrigues Tchoua, as well as the President of the Local Organising Committee of the Yaounde confab, Dr Jacqueline Ze Minkande, said the world is evolving so is the practice of anaesthesia and intensive care medicine. It was therefore imperative for practitioners to meet growing challenges, they opined. The congress village at the Mont Febe Hotel features exhibitions from participating countries. The get-together ends on December 2, 2016.


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