An Enterprise Map For Cameroon Soon

Two projects to that effect were launched in Douala on February 22, 2017.

In order to provide business people with relevant and reliable information, whose exploitation will have a positive impact on their activities, the pilot project to strengthen the information services of the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce (CCIMC) has been launched.

An online map of enterprises based in Douala and Yaounde will be set up to help business people know which enterprise does what and where they are based at just a click. The project was launched in Bonanjo, Douala, by CCIMC staff in the presence of French consultants February 22. At the end of the five-month project, CCIMC will have a reliable modern communication tool accessible to all. CCIMC has requested the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry to reorganise its Information and Economic Documentation Centre (CIDE). The reorganisation involves CIDE reconfiguration, acquisition of furniture and establishment of a multimedia space; renewal of the Documentary Fund and subscriptions to online databases; establishment of a virtual library; establishment of a documentary and economic monitoring service, and training of business people, young business developers, consular representatives and ICT staff.

The other project involves the Consular Companionship Programme, which is a support technique between two consular chambers with a combination of their resources and expertise to achieve set objectives. It seeks to support private sector intermediary organisations by strengthening their own service offers to SMES.  CCIMA chose to benefit from the expertise of the Chamber of Commerce of Burkina Faso and the Chamber of Commerce of Marseille Provence to set up a consular file that is more efficient for its citizens, coupled with the economic mapping of companies. The project to span 2015-2017 is financed by the Permanent Conference of the African and French Consular Chambers and the French Development Agency, which signed a partnership agreement in 2015 to the tune of FCFA 1572 billion to enable seven African consular chambers to support the development of SMEs in six sub-Saharan African countries.

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