Alternative Sentences: Time For Implementation

The annual meeting of Appeal courts and Regional Delegates of penitentiary Administration ended in Yaounde on August 19, 2016.


Heads of Appeal Courts in the country and Regional Delegates of Penitentiary Administration have been exhorted to ensure the implementation of alternative sentences as prescribed by the revised Penal Code promulgated in to Law by the President of the Republic on July 12, 2016. The Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Keeper of Seals, Laurent Esso, made the call in Yaounde, Friday August 19, 2016, while closing the two-day annual meeting that focused on seeking practical ways of implementing alternative prison sentences in a bid to decongest Cameroon’s prisons as well as ensure proper maintenance of court buildings and premises.

Laurent Esso urged Appeal Court heads to furnish to the ministry the list of community services likely to be retained within the context of alternative sentences taking into consideration the specificities of the different localities. Penitentiary Administration on the other hand, the Minister of State said, should continue with reflection on organisation and management of those who will be condemned to execute alternative prison sentences. Participants were also challenged to pay attention to hygiene and proper maintenance of court and penitentiary administration premises. Meanwhile, the guidance of magistrates of the last three batches recently transferred in different services, Minister Esso said, should constitute a major concern of Heads of Appeal Courts as they will be evaluated according to results obtained.  

The participants also appealed for the increase of the financial allocations to the Appeal Courts and Penitentiary Administration in order to enable them properly maintain structures hosting their services.

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