The coronavirus, covid-19 a pandemic that is clearing off lives on earth at a frightful rate is a deadly nightmare that must be forced out before it eliminates mankind on this planet. Ever since its outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019 the ravaging rate at which lives are claimed is disturbing. Death which used to be as uncommon in the developed world as bush fires in the rainy season has in fact, been demystified. The pandemic is spreading fast and its socio-economic effects are devastating. Fortunately, nations of the world are working hard to alter the trend and give hope to the masses. Despite such efforts by some governments and international Organisations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organisations, indiscipline in life style, inertia by some countries, and false prophesy by some religious organisations are rendering this calamity, a mere societal ill not worth the sacrifices needed to have it eradicated. If not, how can we explain that despite the travel restrictions, spelt out by the government, personal hygiene rules demanded of citizens, and security measures being stressed in the interest of the public, some of us have refused to acknowledge the damage, covid-19 does to mankind? By the time the pandemic is rooted out , we shall count its costs not only as fa,r as death is concerned, but also its effect on our economy. What a challenge! To cooperate in all that is expected of us to save lives or pre vent suffering from disease does not mean, we doubt the truth that death is a stepping stone to everlasting life beyond. But who doubts that it is the wish of every human being to leave this world at a ripe age and not through outbreaks of this nature? The world of music lovers, and professionals of various fields, knew that our beloved compatriot, a legendary icon in music, Emmanuel N’Djoke Dibango (Manu Dibango) at 86 could live for many more years, but what a painful thing that we have lost him as a result of the pangs of this pandemic, Covid-19! We regret this loss, but What a surprise that in spite of the shock, besides government’s efforts to combat the enemy, some people still undermine its gravity through carelessness and disobedience! Let us while calling on those who seem to be sitting on the fence as far as this crusade against a common enemy is concerned, cooperate in word and action to protect ourselves by respecting hygiene rules, and travel restrictions spelt out, to protect and safeguard our common future. This indeed is a test of maturity, which we cannot undermine if we truly love ourselves, our compatriots and humanity at large.

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