Akum-Baba II-Bali Second Access Way: Contractor Certain To Meet Deadline

Construction works are at 21.17 per cent with delivery expected in December 2017

The project which covers 20 km carriage way works with a cross section, corresponding to a traffic lane of 7.0 m wide and two shoulders of 1.50 m each started in 2013. The Sub Director of Roads in the Regional Delegation of Public Works, Chi Simeon told Cameroon Tribune that the work progress is 21.17 per cent with instructions form hierarchy that works must be delivered by December 2017, some three months after the initial September 2017 timeline.

On the project site; 51 months of effective field work is evident on very difficult terrain. Definite solutions are being sought for spots that feature regular landslides in the neigbourhood of Alatening and Mbu villages. The hilly and rocky nature of the terrain does not help matters for BUNS Construction Company whose challenge is to deliver a road carrying 6 cm of bituminous concrete for the wearing course, 10 cm of aggregate bitumen for liaison course and 20 cm of 0/31.5 crushed aggregate for the foundation course.

The project also includes the construction of bridges and hydraulic structures with BET.CERBAT SARL and Laboratoire BRECG in charge of technical and geotechnical controls. At press time;  the immediate beneficiary populations of  Mile 8 Akum, Alatening, Baba II, Mbu, Bawock and Bali villages were anxiously looking forward to the day the road, worth about  FCFA 24.131 billion will be declared good for use.

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