Akoba, Ayos: Woman Held After Chopping Off Man’s Waist

Abeng Marie-Therese and husband were engaged in a fierce fight when Bekollo Abollo stepped in to separate them.


Residents of Akoba, about 11 km from Ayos in the Nyong and Mfoumou Division of the Centre, are still wondering what came over Abeng Marie-Therese, 28. The woman recently engaged the husband, Patrick Elong, in his thirties, in a fierce fight. A concerned villager, Bekollo Abollo, unwittingly stepped in to separate the warring couple. Unfortunately for Abollo, Abeng’s machete, which was meant for the husband, landed on his waist, cutting off three veins.

According to the Commander of the Ayos Gendarmerie Post, Senior Warrant Officer Nyatte Nyatte Etienne, the incident took place a week ago, but the villagers initially tried to conceal it from the authorities. On learning of it, Abeng Marie-Therese was picked up for questioning and is now in gendarmerie custody in Ayos. Nyatte Nyatte disclosed that Bekollo Abollo, who is receiving intensive medical attention, risks losing his leg to amputation as it is becoming numb.


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