Akere Muna Storms Limbe

The sixth day of 2018 presidential campaigns saw candidate Akere Muna storming the municipal stadium in Limbe, headquarters of Fako Division. For one full hour, the candidate of the Popular Front for Development and his team delivered edge-cutting campaign speeches, discussing national life from politics to culture through the economy.

Accompanied by the popular musician, Longue Longue, who flew in from Canada to join Akere in his campaign, the presidential hopeful promised to make Limbe a paradise from its rich environment. Akere explained that both Anglophone regions of Cameroon contribute 40 percent of Cameroon’s riches. “Enough is enough,” Akere thundered. 

Akere reminded the Limbe public that he had refused his share of FCFA 15 million for campaigns, disclosing that Parliament had voted FCFA 50 billion for this year’s elections.  The presidential hopeful said Cameroon had lost FCFA 56 billion last year and this year some FCFA 118 billion will be lost to the unrest which could have been handled through dialogue. Akere recalled that for the past 30 years he has been fighting against corruption throughout Africa. As such, he claimed to master how to deal with embezzlers of public funds. One of his campaigners told the audience that Akere was best placed to solve Cameroon’s sociopolitical problems because he grew up in the system. Longue Longue took the stage and sang campaign songs that could lead their candidate to victory. He said the present regime has grown weary and needed to go to rest.

Before holding a public meeting in the Limbe field, Akere Muna took time to go round the Limbe streets, halting at the palace to pay traditional homage. A caravan of hundreds of motorbikes escorted the candidate throughout his stay in Limbe from where he returned to Douala yesterday afternoon

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