Aftermath Of Results: What Future For Youths?

After the celebrating success the youths begin to reflect on what the future holds for them.


Monday July, 18, 2016 was a special day for many Cameroonian youths. It was the proclamation of the results of the Bacalauréat examination.

At the Government Bilingual Practicing High School Yaounde the campus was unusually busy. Many students waited impatiently at the courtyard as their results were being read out by the teacher. Happiness and shouts of joy thrilled the air each time one of the students heard his name being read. For those who did not hear their names it was sadness and tears. They were however consoled by their friends who made it. The story was the same in all the examination centres in the capital city.

After the celebrating success the youths begin to reflect on what the future holds for them. Marie M. 19, a successful candidate in the Bacalauréat C said she intends to do science and so she will immediately go and seek the necessary information for the registration into the Faculty of Sciences in the University of Yaounde I Ngoa Ekele. She said she was confident she would pass the examination ad had started preparing her mind for the university. Jean Pierre N. another student he intends to read law in the University of Yaounde II, Soa. He went to the Soa campus last week to find out the necessary formalities and when registrations for the next academic year will begin. According to him his parents have started making arrangements for a room for him in Soa while Sophie, another successful candidate said her parents had sought admission for her in a university abroad and will likely travel in the days ahead.

For some students failure is a bitter experience and are yet go over it. A case was reported of one girl who allegedly drank half a litter of bleach when she did not find her name on the notice board of the one of the examination centres. She was immediately rushed to hospital for treatment. Even though things turned sour for some students all hope is not lost. Martine N. 19. said she would go back to school and repeat the Baclauréat examination next year. She promised to work harder so that she can join her friends in the university. Meanwhile Pauline B. who also failed the examination said she had started looking for another government high school as her former school does not admit repeaters.

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