After Installation: Mines Minster Begins Work On Rigorous Note

Appointed on January 4, by a presidential decree and installed by the Prime Minister on January 7, 2019, the Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Gabriel Dodo Ndoke effectively commenced working as Minister yesterday. His first day of work going by his description was calm and characterised by concertation sessions with the objective of getting to know his collaborators and seeing how earmarked projects and the mission of the Ministry can be achieved.

When Cameroon Tribune visited the ministry, we met Minister Dodo Ndoke already at work. He is said to have reported to the office at 7:30am, making acquaintances and holding necessary working sessions. “I started work this morning after my installation and the first thing I did was calling all my cabinet collaborators for a working session. Other collaborators have paid me a visit during which we had some professional exchanges. During our respective working sessions, we discussed on the projects and mission of the ministry,” he stated.

The Minister further explained that he has scheduled a meeting with the Secretary of State and the Secretary General to plan his contact and working relation with the different services in the Ministry.  Given that mines is a technical aspect in the economy, the Minister said he will in that regard work with technical experts and mining engineers for the advancement of the ministry particularly and growth of the country in general.

Minister Gabriel Dodo Ndoke expressed his intensions of working diligently and serving the nation patriotically. His table was met with pending files waiting on his administrative decision. As per his sentiments on his first day of work, he noted that he had technically begun work on his installation day but had rested enough to be on time in the office. He was polite to journalists who thronged his office to get reaction on his first day of office.

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