After Cargo Ban: Buses Illegally Ply Bonaberi-Akwa

A new text on transportation with the creation of bus terminals in the Division is highly expected/

Commuting between Bonaberi and Akwa across the Wouri Bridge has never been nightmarish as it is these days with many construction works like the second bridge over Wouri and the rehabilitation of adjoining roads going on. Congestion gets tighter as certain roads are blocked for the construction work which involves heavy machinery. In order to avoid wasting time on the spot in gridlocks, some commuters drop from taxis to continue the journey to their workplaces on foot. Even during normal flow of traffic, no taxi transports passengers from Akwa directly to Bonaberi and vice versa on a single drop. As a result, commuters with little financial means board taxis to drop at Rond Point for FCFA 250 and trek the rest of the journey back home. When “Cargo” was operational they enjoyed a minimal FCFA 200 to commute Akwa to Bonaberi or vice-versa.

As city dwellers grapple with these challenges every day, buses belonging to some inter-urban transport companies have taken advantage of this communication nightmare and the ban on “Cargo” transport some two years ago to transport commuters between the commercial heartbeat of Akwa and Bonaberi for just FCFA 300. Apart from the fact that they operate illegally, they are also characterised by reckless and impatient driving, overloading, no onboard comfort or security for passengers and untidy seats. They are only functioning until authorities of the Wouri Division will one day awake to the reality. In spite of this,­ many find relief commuting in them because they are cheap and with just one drop they are home or at their workplace.

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