AFROKONS: Getting Women Play Key Role In Politics

There is need for a transformation of the mind when it comes to involving women in politics in the African continent. This is one of the messages Cameroon film director Emmanuel Fonban, and producer, Vera Sompon tries to bring out in their latest production, “AFROKONS”, a film shot in Yaounde. The film, which is yet to be screened in different cinema halls in the country, talks about a lady, Sila Apiseh, who dares to run as a presidential candidate and behold she was voted as president in a democratic election.

The film, which runs for close to 1hour: 30 minutes, tells the story of Sila Apiseh, a young woman, who engages in a battle to empower women and give hope to youths in her country AFROKONS. The political class dominated by men embarks on challenging her personality as a woman and making attempts to depriving her from contesting for the post of the presidency in AFROKONS.

She wins the trust of the people of AFROKONS, (the Afrokonites) and in a democratic election, she wins a presidential mandate from the Afrokonites and the ruling class is left with no other option than to accept to stay under a woman as leader. Emmanuel Fonban says the film targets basic political education as a tool to invite women and young people in Africa to sustainable development.

The film is designed to boost the spirit of women and youths to be active in development and leadership in their various countries by making use of their civil and political rights. “The film is equally a clarion call to all Africans to be active and equally understand that they form part of the change that they need”, the film director reiterated.

Through local actors and actresses such as Mbile Victor, Wirsiy Bernard and Elizabeth Ngonga, the young generation has been made to know that they have every means to make their countries great and this can only be by taking part in political activities as true citizens and patriots of every country.

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