African Standby Force: Prospective Logistics Base Sites Conducive

A telecommunication system and air transport infrastructure evaluation mission ended in Douala Friday.


Telecommunications, logistics and civil engineering experts from the United Nations Navy in conjunction with African Union, Cameroons Ministry of Defence and the Civil Aviation Authority have ended an evaluation mission in Douala to set up a continental logistics base for the African Union Standby Force (ASF). After visiting the sites of the potential continental logistics base including the Douala port terminal, the Military Engineering as well as the Air Force bases, the delegation leader of the 22-man US Navy, Colonel Leslie Maher disclosed the sites are conducive.

“The sites have adequate space, major roadways and have proven that they will be very conducive to communication,” she poised. Since some reasonable installations are visible in all the sites, it will be advantageous for African Union to setup the continental logistics base that will serve Cameroon and other member countries in times of crisis.

The just ended five-day evaluation mission saw the signing of the technical assessment report by the US Navy Delegation Head, the African Union Representative, Civil Aviation Authority and the Cameroon Defence Ministry represented by the Governor of Littoral. The report according to Colonel Leslie Maher will be transmitted to the African Union for approval. Before the report signing, Littoral’s Governor, Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, prayed the forwarded report be favourable, saluted the evaluation mission and noted that the imminent logistic base will be a relief to member countries facing security challenges.

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