AFCON 2016: Telecommunication Knots Tightened

The boss of the local network was in Buea and Limbe to ensure all lines work effectively during the continental rendez-vous.


To ease up communication for actors and visitors during the 19 November Women’s AFCON, the local Cameroon Telecommunication (CAMTEL) technicians based in the South West Region have been instructed to move towards all hotels, restaurants and public places to propose communication links especially in the towns receiving guests for the continental competition.

The General Manager (GM) of CAMTEL, Mr. Nkoto Emane David, under high government instructions announced the new measure in Limbe, last 20 October, as he rounded up his two-day supervision visit of key communication installations in Fako Division. The CAMTEL Boss told technicians the President of the Republic was very keen about the AFCON success and as such no error leading to any failure whatsoever would be tolerated.

He insisted during his visit to touch every cable and step into every command room that will play a role to supply communication network during the continental event. Mr. Nkoto Emane explained that Government had instructed CAMTEL to lower cost and increase the capacity for everyone to have easy access to communication.

While in Buea, the telecommunication Boss visited many hotels including Mountain Hotel, Parliamentarian Flats, Capitol and Saint Claire. At each stop-over, he insisted to have a clear expression of telephone needs. He urged the various network-receiving points to acquire standby electric generators to circumvent any power cuts and keep communication going. Mr. Nkoto Emane visited the various training stadia in Buea and Limbe and took extra time to tour the various compartments of the Limbe Omnisports stadium where the competition will initially host eight African teams.

There, the GM was assured that all would work as expected especially that a 1500 KV generator was stationed in addition to the ENEO and SONARA electricity supply sources. In case of power failure, supply could resume in less than 30 seconds through the stand-by generators, technicians explained.


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