AFCON 2016: Huge Windfalls For Tourism

Buea and Limbe State-Owned Hotels Are 90 percent ready for the thousands of guests awaited.


Some 64 days to kickoff of the female African Football Cup of Nations  to be hosted in Cameroon’s two cities of Yaounde and Limbe, experts of tourism are on their heels to ensure the reception techniques are up to date. Such include hygiene, quality of service, and security of tourists. To that effect, Mr. Bello Bouba Maigari, Minister of State, Minister of Tourism is currently in Buea and Limbe to ascertain specific preparatory measures required for the smooth hosting of the guests.

 While in Buea, 15 September, 2016, the Minister of State opened a workshop involving over 100 stakeholders of the tourism sector in the South West to include hoteliers, tour operators and restaurant owners. The key message was to imbibe hospitality concepts and instincts into those whose role shall enable in one way or the other the good reputation of Cameroon.

Apart from the workshop, an intensive expansion of the hotel capacity is underway since a year now by way of increasing the existing facilities. As such, three State-owned hotels are under renovation and expansion. The sumptuous Mountain Hotel is being increased from 30 chalets and 50 rooms to add 82 rooms. The Parliamentarian Flats from 30 rooms to 76, now all of these being renovated by a Chinese company. The Atlantic Beach hotel is being raised from 26 to 48 rooms.  Facilities to enable greater leisure include swimming pools, night clubs, restaurants, lawn tennis  courts and multipurpose sports complexes.  According to the South West Regional Delegate of Tourism, Mrs. Quan Delila Agnes Efeti Monono, extension works are close to 90 percent finished.

These will remarkably add to other sectors involcved to make Cameroon proud of its hospitality during the awaited event. With frequent visits of the Ministers in charge of the sectors, the workers on these architectural pieces are under check to finish the jobs before November. Some of the things required to be mastered before the vent include reception techniques and front office procedures, attitude for tour guides,

The hotel sector inclusive, hygiene remains one of the areas to pay greater attention in the host cities. For example, the lack of toilets in public structures remains problematic. Let alone the cleanliness of the existing one few. And all the drinking spots in Buea and Limbe being checked if they own toilets for customers. A sanitation expert recently expressed worry over the issue on a local radio and many calls flooded the network to decry the problem.  The Buea workshop intends to resolve the issue. Equally the Buea Council has opened the chapter of toilets in public utilities and has warned all roadside leisure spot to create a toilet for itself.


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