AFCON 2016: Gendarmes Step up Crime Prevention Efforts

Commanders from North West, West, South West and Littoral Regions are not leaving anything to chance.


Wholesome and coherent strategies  to ensure the security of people and property during 2016 Women’s African Nations Cup, AFCON and end-of-year feasts were the subject of a crucial coordination meeting on October 28, 2016 in Bamenda. It was attended by Gendarmerie commanders from the Second Region.

The Second Region Commander, Col. Louba Zal Pierre, who chaired the session, stressed the need for efficient and professional approaches to ensure a stress-free 2016 AFCON and end-of-year feasts in the North West, West, Littoral and South West Regions. These events are expected to attract large crowds and generate economic activities, requiring checks to any threats. Col. Louba Zal Pierre reminded aides of the need to rise to expectation, with Limbe in the South West Region as one of the host cities of the 2016 AFCON.

Meanwhile, end-of-year feasts will see the cities of Douala, Bamenda and Bafoussam turning full circle with economic activities. It is against this backdrop that the coordination meeting mapped out strategies to ensure hitch-free activities. Col. Louba Zal Pierre therefore stressed the use of professional and efficient approaches to protect people and property.

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