ADD: Garga Unveils Plans For North Region

As campaigns unfold, the presidential candidate of the Alliance for Democracy and Development, Garga Haman Adji is very busy embarking on a national tour to presents his ambitions for every region he visited. Over the weekend, the experienced political and tactful administrator was in Ladgo, a locality some 33 kilometers from the town of Garoua in the North Region.

Visiting the region for the first time since the launch of campaigns, the choice of Ladgo as venue was strategic as the candidate used the hydroelectricity plan to present his plans for the population. Garga Haman highlighted the importance of constant availability of electricity to every economy especially to the textile industry which is very dominant in the region.

Going by the ADD frontrunner, energy is a very important factor in the industrialisation of the country, a socio-economic project that the candidate holds so dear. Garga Haman Adji said the Lagdo hydroelectricity power plant has the potential of supplying energy to all three northern regions of the country if the plant is judiciously exploited. He presented other community advancement projects to the people ranging from health to industrialisation.

He also visited other villages in the locality, making the necessary stops to convince the population on casting their vote in his favour. Garga Haman shared his flyers and other party gadgets to the population, reminding them of the colour of his ballot paper.

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