Activities Grounded In Libreville

The proclaimed winner of the presidential poll, Ali Bongo said the election was conducted following the Gabonese law.


The Gabonese capital city, Libreville has been transformed into a ghost town spiced with sporadic manifestations on the morrow of the announcement of the results of August 27, 2016 presidential election in which incumbent President Ali Bongo Ondimba was re-elected with 49.80 per cent of the votes cast. Following the results proclaimed by the Ministry of Interior, Ali Bongo’s main challenger, Jean Ping scored 48.23 per cent.

Opposition protesters on Wednesday following the proclamation of the results took to the streets of the capital city, Libreville claiming fraud. The protesters went on the rampage and reportedly set the National Assembly building ablaze. Security forces reposted. Reports from Libreville yesterday, September 1, 2016 indicated that the town was transformed into a ghost town with all activities grounded. No transport taxis were on circulation, roads were empty and internet connections were cut off. BBC said there was gunfire in Libreville.

Reacting to the violence from the Presidential Palace, Ali Bongo said democracy did not match with self-proclaimed success, when parliament and the national television are attacked and when a group is formed to destroy, news agencies reported. He said the polls spoke for themselves. He equally said the election was conducted following the Gabonese law and insisted that foreign pressure must take account of the law. Ali Bongo reportedly said the pressure will not change the law.

Following Ali Bongo’s declaration, the Minister of Interior, Pacôme Moubelet-Boubeya gave a press conference presenting the situation in the country. He said that so far, between 600 and 800 people were arrested in Libreville and between 200 and 300 in the other parts of the country. The opposition claimed that six of their members were arrested.

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