2020 Municipal, Legislative Elections : Battle Lines Now Drawn

The lists of retained political parties who submitted files for the municipal and legislative elections has been published by the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon. The board which met in a session as of right on December 9, 2019 upon completing the scrutiny of nomination papers, authorised 451 lists out of 470 candidancies submitted by 35 political parties for the legislative elections. The board equally unanimously rejected 17 lists submitted by 10 political parties for several reasons. Some of the reasons advanced by the Chairperson of the Electoral Board, Enow Abrams Egbe for the rejection include; the submission of different list for the same election from the same political party, incomplete nomination papers, no payment of required deposit, non-consideration of gender in the constitution of lists, two candidates belonging to the same geographical area and the non-consideration of the sociological components of the constituency concerned. 

In the North West Region, a total of seven political parties will be competing for seats at the National Assembly while in the South West Region, three political parties participate in the February 9, 2020 elections. A total of 15 political parties will contest in the Littoral Region while 11 will be gunning to have representatives at the National Assembly.

As concerns the municipal elections, a total of 592 nomination papers were received and scrutinised by the board with 541 of such lists being accepted.  

The publication of the different lists by the Electoral Board is in accordance with Section 187 of the Electoral Code which stipulates that the board shall draw up and publish the lists of candidates at least 60 days before the date of the poll. However, the decision to reject a candidacy or to publish candidacies may be appealed against before the Constitutional Council or before a competent administrative court as highlighted in Sections 125 (3) and 189 relating to the legislative and municipal elections respectively.

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