2019 Total AFCON: CAF Takes Ocular View of Infrastructure

The team was accompanied round in Buea and Limbe by Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai.

The CAF inspection team to Cameroon headed by Ismael Wally spent two days (17- 18 January, 2018) in the South West Region inspecting hotels and football stadiums in Buea (regional capital) and Limbe (Fako Divisional headquarters).

On arrival in the Region on January 17, 2018, the team immediately held a working session behind closed doors at the Governor’s Office in Buea with local and visiting authorities among whom were Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai, Secretary General at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education, Oumarou Tado, the Inspector General in the Ministry of Communication, Felix Zogo and security officials.

Tackling their work and avoiding the press, the inspection team split their committee into two. One group set out to observe the nature of hotels that will host the thousands of guests expected in Cameroon from more than 24 countries next year.

Among the hotels inspected were Buea-based State-owned hotels like Mountain Hotel and Parliamentarian Flats. They also inspected the Atlantic Beach Hotel in Limbe and proceeded to examine some private hotels in the locality. Notably, the last female AFCON pulled thousands of guests to the South West Region which harbours classy hotels with staff having been readily trained to receive international visitors in Buea and Limbe as well as surrounding towns like Kumba, Muyuka, Tiko and Mutengene.

Turning to the stadia that shall constitute the theatres of the Total AFCON event, the CAF inspection team went to the 20.000 seater Omnisports Stadium in Limbe that satisfactorily hosted one of the two pools of the 2016 female AFCON. Two other training grounds were viewed in Buea namely the Buea Town Stadium and the Molyko Omnisports Stadium.

Equally, Limbe-based training grounds were inspected to include the Centenary Stadium, the Middle Farms and the Omnisports Annex. Residents of the South West seeing the CAF inspection team are beating their chests that no problem may come from their end because they stood a similar test during the last female AFCON.

One may be amazed that the inspection seems so detailed that even the soil, the dimension of the fields, seating space, the turf, the fertilizer used to grow the turf, access to internet and the stadiums are some of the many specifics that interest the CAF inspectors. The inspection team left the South West yesterday January 18, 2018.

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