2018 Elections: Advocacy Heightens In Parliament

A dinner grouping parliamentarians, civil society organisation, clergy and traditional rulers took place on November 30, 2016 in the National Assembly.


2018 might seem far but ‘More Women in Politics,’ a Yaounde-based civil society organisation thinks otherwise. Cameroon will under normal circumstances organise different polls including presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections and More Women in Politics has started a campaign to get women onboard. “The campaign dubbed “Women in Democracy,” aimed at boosting female participation in elections. The programme was presented during an advocacy parliamentary dinner chaired by the First Senior Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Hilarion Etong.  

According to the National Coordinator of the Network More Women in Politics, Prof. Justine Diffo, the female folk remain a silent majority though they represent about 51 per cent of the population and about 55 per cent of the voting population (2005 census). The project which was presented during the dinner streamlines a series of recommendations which aims at contributing to improve Cameroonian democracy by developing a civic democratic culture.

Developing a community mobilisation strategy involving religious leaders, elites and ELECAM branches, use of e-election techniques in the electoral mobilisation and awareness-raising, permit the putting in place an observatory body of  inclusive governance which includes training and mobilisation of women and youth, amongst others.

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