2016 Holiday Camp: Bafoussam, Garoua Host Youths

Some 200 young people from all over the country will have fun in these Regions learning and playing.


Bafoussam in the West Region and Garoua in the North Region are hosting the 2016 “Holiday Camp” organised by the Ministry of Tourism. Yesterday August 16, 2016 in Yaounde, after a medical check-up, some 100 young people left the Ministry of Tourism well equipped to spend 12 days at the Bafoussam Holiday Camp. Not only were the youths excited to travel to the West Region but also happy to meet new friends and know more about the culture of Cameroon, particularly that of the West Region.

As early as 8:00 a.m. yesterday, Dr Isidore Tompeen was at the premises of the Ministry of Tourism, carrying out a medical check-up of all young people selected to undertake the 2016 Holiday Camp. The medical team was out to know the medical history of each person participating in the camp. As such; the weight, temperature and blood pressure of all the young people were examined. Dr Tompeen also took time to know if the children are on any drugs and if they know how to properly take the drugs without help from parents or anybody. While asking the youths if they know about the town they will be spending some 12 days in the West Region, the medical team before establishing a medical certificate of fitness to each participant also advised them not to take drugs without the consent of their mentors in the camp.

As youths settle for their new home at the Bafoussam Holiday Camp until August 27, those in Garoua will begin camping from 18 to August 31. For about two weeks, Serge Eric Epoune, a Youth and Animation Counsellor at the Ministry of Tourism noted that the theme of the 2016 Holiday Camp is; “Holiday Camp for Culture, Patriotism, Peace and Tolerance in Cameroon”. The camp is aimed at creating a substitute for those who cannot go for holidays out of home or the country. Through the camp, the Ministry of Tourism seeks to create an atmosphere of peaceful cohabitation amongst youths no matter their region and language. According to one of the mentors at the Bafoussam Holiday Camp, Bandin Justin Fanfon, for close to two weeks, five main activities will take place at the camp amongst which are socio-cultural, sports and artistic as well as intellectual works.

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