“1,574 Migrants Have Completed Reintegration Process”

What is the objective of the meeting of the Steering Committee of the EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration?

The Steering Committee is a structure established within the framework of the implementation of the project that we call the protection and reintegration of migrants. This steering committee is the high level structure that gives strategic orientation of the project.  It is the decision making place and presents the results of the project, challenges and provide advice on the next step.  This is the third session of the committee and is the final one before the end of the project. The three year initiative which started in June 2017 ends in 20120. The committee therefore analyses what has been achieved thus far at the implementation phase of the project. More than 3,500 Cameroonians have successfully returned to the country and they have been reintegrated into several activities and projects the agriculture and agro pastoral sector, entrepreneurship and other services.

What exactly are the different measures used for the reintegration of these returnee migrants?

Our objective is to welcome people back home and help in the psychological stability of those who have been affected and or abused in the course of their sojourn. We provide the necessary psychosocial support, medical care, and we help them elaborate their business plan for their reintegration. There are counselling sessions and they start their reintegration through a package provided by the International Organisation for Migration. Communities are sensitised on the risks of irregular migration. In Cameroon, the reintegration counselling process starts from reception at the airport and continues in the IOM offices in Yaounde and Douala.

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